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This blog is dedicated to everything I find beautiful, interesting, funny and amazing in the Blythe world.

Photo: Gina GaranPhoto: Gina Garan.

Why talking about Blythe dolls?

I have been reading blogs about everything for babies and kids for 4 years: design, fashion, arts and crafts… and it became quickly an addiction, like for many SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) according to Parents Magazine.

One day back in November 2008, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, written by Hillary Lang, a very talented and creative woman who has nimble fingers. She wanted to introduce her Blythe, ADG Roaring Red. That’s how I first heard about Blythe dolls. Thanks Hillary!

I was immediately attracted, and frenetically started looking for info about this curiosity. I got the basics on Wikipedia and This is Blythe for those who are not familiar with Blythe). To make it short, I later found a huge community of Blythe fans on Flickr, and numerous Blythe fashion designers on Etsy. I became quickly one more to be bitten by the Blythe bug!

It is no coincidence… My studies in art history at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, my passion for fashion and aestheticism, thanks to my father who was fashion designer and painter, led me to Blythe dolls actually!

The first Blythe fan in the history, Gina Garan, the one who rescued Bythe from oblivion, is a photographer. A majority of Blythe fans are photographers, designers, crafters, artists… I think it’s essential to have an artistic sensibility to fully understand the beauty of these dolls.

Why starting a new blog?

130 million blogs are deserted and 10 millions only are active. Knowing that, I did a lot of thinking before I decided to jump into the blogosphere. Blogging is for life, isn’t it!

Blogging is about sharing information, which is the first step to collective intelligence. My hubby wrote a book about collective intelligence and he has 4 blogs, so I definitely couldn’t stand apart!
Then, I found very few blogs about Blythe dolls referenced by Icerocket, Google Blogsearch or Technorati. There must be many blogs about these cuties already, but it seems they are not well listed at all, and I think there is room for everyone! And last but not least, blogging is important for my personal branding! My husband’s third book tells all about it!

Welcome to my blog! Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

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