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My Muse is a new dolly magazine featuring Blythe among other dolls and I wanted to let you know about the amazing job that Pamela De Lorenzi and Clara Fornari did since they started 2 years ago. 3 issues later, they are as passionate as at the beginning, working hard to release new articles and photos for our great pleasure!

Photos: Pamela De Lorenzi. My Muse – Issue number zero.

I got to know Clara first. She is a sculptor, doll maker and illustrator. The photobook “Little Red Cap” is one of her recent works and all the characters, clothes and decor were entirely handmade by her.

Photos and dolls: Clara Fornari.

And I was also happy to later know Pamela, who kindly answered Mademoiselle Blythe‘s questions about My Muse.


Hi Pamela! Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Pamela De Lorenzi and I live in Milan, Italy. I studied as a fashion designer and I have been loving dolls since… always! I work for “Barbie Magazine” the Italian magazine for girls by Mattel and I collaborate with Hasbro Italy…I make promotional photo shootings with dolls, because I love photographing dolls and toys.

Photo: Pamela De Lorenzi. “I love doll art and I talk about it on my blog too. It is written in Italian, but there are lots of images”.

Photo: Pamela De Lorenzi. Project by Charlye & Teddy blogged here.

I am one of My Muse founders, and I hope this project will be appreciated more and more by dolly collectors all around the world!

Why did you decide to create a magazine about dolls?

A couple of friends and me decided to create this magazine because there was nothing similar here in Italy. We love dolls and thought: “Hey, why don’t we make our own magazine, looking just like what we have in mind?” And that was the beginning!

My Muse project was born in 2009 with an experimental free digital version, written in Italian, my mother tongue.
After the very good feedback we received with this “zero” issue, we tried to find a publisher, but no one seemed to be interested in our project, so we decided to go on by ourselves.

Issue number zero is available for free here.

In 2011 we did the first official My Muse number 1 issue in English to reach more people and we have chosen to distribute it in paper version, through a print on demand service, and in digital version as well as in a mobile version soon, so there would be one My Muse for every need!

What was (or still is) the most challenging with that kind of magazine?

I think the hardest thing is to be known for My Muse. The My Muse team is based in Italy and it’s expensive for us to go to toy fairs all over the world, especially in USA or Japan (where the biggest and the most famous doll fairs are located) so we have to use Internet above all. We don’t have any publisher, so we have to do everything by ourselves. It’s not easy, but it’s worth trying!

How do you select the content, people and dolls which you feature?

We want all the best for My Muse. The quality is our prerogative and Internet allows us to discover incredible artists, some of them are well known, others are pretty unknown…we are looking for quality and originality and thanks to the Internet we can get in touch with people geographically very far from us.  We love this part of our work. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to get to know our favorite artists!

Mademoiselle Blythe: There are in-depth interviews of Julien Martinez (in issue 1) and Juan Jacobo Vaz, aka Dr. Blythenstein, (in issue 2). They are both very talented artists, who elected Blythe to be their Muse.

Julien Martinez

Dr. Blythenstein

Who takes the pictures and where do you find the dolls and accessories for your photo albums?

I usually take the pictures, sometimes with the help of a couple of friends. Most of the dolls and accessories we use are ours, but sometimes they are provided by friends and colleagues. Recently Hasbro asked me to do a photo shooting with Blythe dolls and they gave me the dolls.

We are also willing to make photo shootings services on commission, so if people want to have their own dolls photographed, they can send them to us and we will realize the photo shooting and the post production.

Photos: Pamela De Lorenzi for Hasbro Italy and My Muse Magazine. Petite Blythe dolls and Little Pet Shop by Hasbro.

Who makes the illustrations and the layout?

The illustrations are made from different illustrators that work with us. In each issue we like to have a different contribute by a different illustrator. The layout is made by me in collaboration with PlaySys, the agency that support us.

Where can people buy your magazine?

  1. Where to buy the digital version:
  2. Where to buy the paper version:
  3. The first issue is still available:

What makes you happy and what are your next projects?

I am happy when I can work with dolls, my main passion. So My Muse allows me to express my creativity and my feelings. Of course my “next” task is to spread the word and make this magazine appreciated all around the world. I’m working really hard on customer’s feedback and I would love that My Muse to reaches excellence.

Photo: Pamela De Lorenzi.

Thank you very much, Pamela, for sharing your love for dolls with Mademoiselle Blythe. I am very impressed by the talent and energy you put into My Muse magazine and your photos are simply stunning. I hear you when you say that it’s exciting to interview our favorite artists. Getting to know the people behind the dolls we admire and love is just wonderful! Keep up the good work and best of luck to My Muse for many years to come!

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