Le Jour B 2011 is coming next month!

Le Jour B will be happening in exactly one month from today, on Saturday December 3rd, 2011 from 11 am to 7 pm. Don’t miss it if you are in Paris or around there!

Illustration: Mercredy Lunaris – A contest had been organized earlier this year to find the main illustration for the poster. The theme was “gipsy”.

How did “Le Jour B” come to life in 2010?

After years of scouring her contacts and friends’ Flickr streams around the world, Carole found out that there were Blythe events every year in Italy, England, the United States or Japan. She had been dreaming about having one in France until she decided she should create that event herself instead of waiting for it. There are many talents in France, whether it is in customization, fashion design, or photography, etc. The first Le Jour B event took place on September 4 & 5, 2010 in a store-gallery called Au bon coin (30 rue Montcalm – Paris 18ème). 8 vendors had a booth and they came with around 50 Blythes. Around 200 attendees joined them in 500 square feet!
Carole: “We hope to have more visitors than last year of course”.

Illustration for the first Le Jour B poster: Mercredy Lunaris.

There were also worshops, such as ezekielle showing how to make hand painted eye chips and Edhelwen teaching how to crochet…

Photo: Paulineetsarah. ezekielle is making eye chips.

Photo: ezekielle. Isadora and Edhelwen crocheting.

Where to go: 24, place Sainte Marthe – Paris 10ème arrondissement.
Carole lives in Paris and knows a lot of Parisian locations. She has been exploring many places since the first Le Jour B to find a suitable room in terms not only of surface and atmosphere but also cost: “We loved to organize the first Le Jour B and prepared everything to give the best to the exhibitors. We wanted them to have a good set up and we also wanted to satisfy the visitors. It has been very intense for two days, with many people to talk to, exchange and share with. Our only regret is to not having rented a larger room to accommodate more vendors. That’s why it was our priority this year”. Carole had held once a show in that shop and it was during that exhibition that the project of Le Jour B finally came to life just because she had finally found the right place: “Finding the right location is definitely the biggest challenge as Paris is a city where the most beautiful spots are booked over a year in advance. Doing things officially through a non-profit organization is also more compelling, but it forced us to be rigorous, which is not so bad after all”.

In the heart of the historical center of Paris, close behind the Hôpital Saint Louis, in an small area very appreciated by movie-makers, you will find La 3ème Porte Bleue (the third blue door), an old studio for artists.

Who is in charge: ezekielle, morganours, miss sushy and emma.

Le Jour B team 2011: Carole aka Miss Sushy, Emma, ezekielle and Morgane aka Morganours.

Carole is the founder and main organizer and Morgane came naturally to lend her a hand: “The first Le Jour B took place in an ephemeral store, and therefore, we were a small structure. No need to have a huge staff! Last year we organized the event as amateurs. This year we wanted to formalize Le Jour B and that is why we created an association: Blythe and Company on March 3rd”. Carole is the President, Morgane is the Treasurer and Emma is the secretary but everyone knows how to go out of their official position and pitch in to do everything needed, whatever it may be. “It works pretty well and ezekielle joined us to do the graphic design, communication and blog of our event”.

Photo: ezekielle. Le Jour B team last year! Akakoud, ezekielle, Paulinou, Miss Sushy, Mercredy Lunaris (standing from left to right), Isadora Morales, Morganours (sitting in front).

Who will be there:


16 vendors: Akadoud (jewelry), Bambina Carabina (fashion design), Caroline Louise, DollyMix by Regenbog (fashion designs), ezekielle, Lady Cherry, Les Filles by Adrian (fashion design), Jolie Lénie, Lounging Linda (fashion design), Madame Ze Cat (fashion design), Mercredy Lunaris, Mlle de Paulinou (fashion designs),Momolita (fashion design), Parasol Doll (fashion design), Poupée Mécanique (fashion design), Sushi Addict (fashion design), Tomate Cerise (fashion design).

A few of them were already there last year, such as Akakoud, ezekielle, Mercredy Lunaris, Tomate Cerise, Paulinou, Sushi Addict and there will be new vendors too, and especially Maggie, from Parasol Doll, who will especially make the long trip from Portland!

Photo: Miss Sushy. Vendor list.

Photo: Paulineetsarah. Isadora Morales from La Boutique de LupiLe Jour B 2010.

Photo: Akakoud. Le Jour B 2010.

What to win:

In 2010, there were 8 prices. Each vendor was also a donor. The biggest prize, Daybee, was a custom doll created by Mercredy Lunaris, and Meiko was the lucky winner.

Photo: Morganours. Daybee – Mercredy Lunaris custom.

Photo: Akakoud. And the winner is…

This year, things will be a little different for the raffle. Actually, there is no limitation of time for the attendees to buy their tickets. They are already available for sale online on Le Jour B website/blog or will also be available on site on December 3rd for 5 euros each. Each entry ticket is also a raffle ticket. In case you cannot come to the event, you will still be able to buy a ticket and participate in the raffle.

Photo: Emma.

Everyone will have the opportunity to chance one’s luck and win one of the prizes and maybe the biggest one, a beautiful Blythe doll customized by ezekielle, dressed up with Tomate Cerise & Mlles de Paulinou fashion designs and presented in a box is made by Mercredy Lunaris. I can’t wait to see this beauty! The raffle will be happening on site, so there will be no doubt about the winners and it will be so much fun for the attendees. Last year, all visitors really enjoyed the entertainment!

Photo: Emma. First prize – ezekielle custom, Tomate Cerise and Mlles de Paulinou outfit (15% of the tickets’ fees will be donated to the UNICEF in order to help  prevent the transmission of the AIDS virus, provide medicine, educate populations about the virus, and prevent the transmission of the virus from mother to child).

Photo: Miss Sushy.

I wish I could go! Anyway, I will definitely stay tuned on Le Jour B blog and flickr group to get the latest news and pictures! Many thanks to Carole, Emma, ezekielle and Morgane for organizing such an exciting event!

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  1. OH, you know that I would give anything to be able to go to Paris and to Le Jour B!!! These girls are so awesome! Hugs to you all…and please know that I will be there in Spirit!!!! Have fun! I know that you will. How awesome it was to meet Morgane in Portland at BlytheCon! I wish that I could meet you all in person! Morgane is beautiful in every way!

    Thanks, Fanny, for such a cool article!! xo

  2. I am so jealous of everyone who will be attending the event! I hope you guys have a blast!

    Oh, and I’ve decided I want pull rings on all our window shades. 🙂 It’s fantastic!

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