Doll Festa Barcelona

Doll Festa Barcelona is back! If you happen to be in the lovely city of Barcelona in March this year, don’t miss it! I went there 10 years ago and I just adored my stay. That city is so beautiful and Spanish people are so friendly that I didn’t want to leave!

Photo: Missnucleartwilight. Beautiful poster and doll by Marisol, aka RisRas.

The amazing doll collector community is growing day after day in Spain and everybody definitely has a lot of fun over there! That is why Doll Festa started 2 years ago. Tamar, aka Missnucleartwilight, is one of the organizers. The first edition in 2010 had around 200 attendees! Exhibitions, contests and workshop are on the agenda for the day this year too.

Photo: Mformonkey. Doll Festa BCN 2010 – Isadora Morales with La Boutique de Lupi was next to Maria‘s designs.

Photos: cara_cuervo. Doll Festa BCN 2010 – My friend Marcos, aka Blythelovesme, was present too with her beautiful doll, Carsten, who won the doll contest!

Photo: Supernenek. Doll Festa BCN 2010 – Little Miercoles and Llueve Sencillo are Blythe fashion designers that we love.

Photo: Mformonkey. Doll Festa BCN 2010 – Just as in 2010, if you are willing to help in any way this year, please contact Tamar. Any idea is welcome!


Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 190
08012 Barcelona
Metro: Fontana

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4 thoughts on “Doll Festa Barcelona

  1. SO festive–and so fun! It makes me feel as if Spring is really on the way! Thank you Fanny, for showing us this exciting festival which is growing year by year!

    xox jean

  2. How I wish I could go to all the blythe/doll events around the world. Maybe eventually I can pick out a special one each year! as I would have loved to have gone to Berlin this year too!

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