The schoolgirl’s giveaway

Two giveaways left and all the dolls of the Big Eyed Love book will have found new mommies! Here is the little schoolgirl created by the fabulous violet team from Asia and waiting for a new home this month.


This lovely and sweet schoolgirl is definitely one of a kind with her yarn reroot with different strand colors, her little house, her unique glasses and the most adorable outfit ever made by the Violet team!


Violet team list.jpg

A random drawing will be held April 1, 2014 to determine the person who will receive her and the winner will be announced the same day on this blog.

To be the lucky person to receive Genesis, you must follow the 8 following rules:

1. You must donate $10 or more to K.I.D.S. between March 1 and March 31, 2014. The link to donate is here. Artists who participated in the project donated materials, time and artistry to create the dolls, which counts as their charitable donation and they receive 1 chance to win per doll, but must comment on the blog post as their entry.

2. You must retain proof of your donation during the month of March 2014, which must be shown to us in the event your name is drawn as the winner to receive the Genesis. If you participated in the project and your name is listed in our book, that acts as your proof rather than monetary donation.

3. Only 1 entry per participant per month. You can donate as much as you want, with the minimum being $10, but you will receive only 1 chance to win per name and only in the month you donate.  Any donation during the month of March will count towards 1 entry for the schoolgirl only. To have a chance to receive a different doll than the schoolgirl, you must donate in the month that particular doll is being given away. Only 1 doll is being given away per month, in the order they are shown in our book.

4. You must post a comment on this blog entry during the month of March 2014, between March 1 and March 31, 2014. Only 1 comment per person and you must have donated to the charity to comment. Your comment acts as your single entry. Your comment will act as your number placeholder for the drawing. The order in which you comment is the number you will be given in the random drawing. You have only 1 chance to win each month you donate. Multiple comments in March by any one person will be deleted beyond the first comment. We must be able to contact you by email. This blog collects email addresses as part of the commenting process.

  You must be able and willing to pay postage for the doll to your location. We will not be able to pay postage for you. Postage must be paid via Paypal within 5 days following the drawing. We will mail the doll to you within 3 days of receiving postage money from you. We will give you instructions when we contact you that you have been chosen to receive the doll. If you find you cannot pay postage at the time of the drawing, a second name and recipient will be drawn. Please keep this in mind when participating, as these dolls are expensive to mail. We cannot refund your donation to the charity in the event you cannot pay postage at the time of the drawing. The donation to charity goes directly to the charity and not to us. Within the US, doll will be shipped Priority and insured for $250. For Canada and internationally, she will ship EMS. For the schoolgirl, postage US is going to be about $40, for express internationally to Canada, about $70, for express internationally anywhere else, about $100.

6.  We will count the number of blog comments, assigning numbers in the order received, and Cindy, who will not be entering in the drawing, will be randomly selecting the winning number using random number generator on April 1, 2014.

7.  We will post the name selected some time April 1, 2014.

8.  We will ship the doll to you if your name is drawn and all of the above stipulations have been met.

Let’s go back to school with this so sweet girl. She is waiting for friends to play with!

Good luck to you all!

Cindy, Jean and Fanny

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19 thoughts on “The schoolgirl’s giveaway

  1. ooooooh I ADORE THIS GIRL! I would give this collaborative work of art the best home EVER! I love “Violet”! 🙂 xox jean

  2. What a wonderful girl! 🙂 a marvelous team, and what wonderful people created her for the book! 🙂 I admire her very different ‘locks!’

  3. hmm…she plays the violin. abby plays the violin – maybe they belong together! they are all so wonderful!

  4. This girl is amazing on photos and in reality, very sweet and cute!

  5. Such a beautiful Blythe! Such a fabulous cause! Thank You!

  6. My compliments to everyone on this team. I love the subtle face-up, love the fun almost ‘dread’ looking hair, and the clothing is exquisite! Fabulous job Violet team!

  7. These contests are great! I love knowing that my entry is helping children and families. 🙂

  8. Another girl I saw at BCNYC and I just LOVE her! She is so fantastic! Congrats to this team!! Thanks again, for this awesome opportunity to have this girl!

  9. I love a girl whose hair is the texture of coarsely spun wool and has the panache to carry off a mini-violin as a fascinator! Hope this entry isn’t too late! 🙂

  10. And the winner is Diana Necrason! Congratulations Diana! I hope you will have a lot of fun with this so sweet schoolgirl!

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