The blue gypsy sisters giveaway

There we are! The last giveaway, the last dolls, the very last moment of our huge project of two and a half years! The Big Eyed Love book project comes now to its end!

Blue Gypsy Sisters giveaway 1.jpgPhoto: Shannon Taylor, Big Eyed Love

Two adorable sweet sisters, Sapphire Storm and Indigo Tambourine, respectively a Neo Blythe and a Middie, have been created by the “uber” talented pink team. Their time has come and they are up to find their mommy or daddy, someone who will be able to appreciate their unique blue hair and wonderful style.

Pink team list.jpg

A random drawing will be held May 1, 2014 to determine the person who will receive them and the winner will be announced the same day on this blog.

To be the lucky person to receive the blue gypsy sisters, you must follow the 8 following rules:

1. You must donate $10 or more to K.I.D.S. between April 1 and April 30, 2014. The link to donate is here. Artists who participated in the project donated materials, time and artistry to create the dolls, which counts as their charitable donation and they receive 1 chance to win, but must comment on the blog post as their entry.

2. You must retain proof of your donation during the month of April 2014, which must be shown to us in the event your name is drawn as the winner to receive the blue gypsy sisters. If you participated in the project and your name is listed in our book, that acts as your proof rather than monetary donation.

3. Only 1 entry per participant per month. You can donate as much as you want, with the minimum being $10, but you will receive only 1 chance to win per name and only in the month you donate. Any donation during the month of April will count towards 1 entry for the blue gypsy sisters only. All the other dolls are now gone. And as these wonderful dolls cannot be separated, so the winner will get them both.

4. You must post a comment on this blog entry during the month of April 2014, between April 1 and April 30, 2014. Only 1 comment per person and you must have donated to the charity to comment. Your comment acts as your single entry. Your comment will act as your number placeholder for the drawing. The order in which you comment is the number you will be given in the random drawing. You have only 1 chance to win the month you donate. Multiple comments in April by any one person will be deleted beyond the first comment. We must be able to contact you by email. This blog collects email addresses as part of the commenting process.

  You must be able and willing to pay postage for the doll to your location. We will not be able to pay postage for you. Postage must be paid via Paypal within 5 days following the drawing. We will mail the dolls to you within 3 days of receiving postage money from you. We will give you instructions when we contact you that you have been chosen to receive the dolls. If you find you cannot pay postage at the time of the drawing, a second name and recipient will be drawn. Please keep this in mind when participating, as these dolls are expensive to mail. We cannot refund your donation to the charity in the event you cannot pay postage at the time of the drawing. The donation to charity goes directly to the charity and not to us. Within the US, doll will be shipped Priority and insured for $250. For Canada and internationally, she will ship EMS. For the blue gypsy sisters, postage US is going to be about $70, for express internationally to Canada, about $100, for express internationally anywhere else, about $150. these dolls come with a big box and a lot of accessories, that’s why the postage is more expensive than for the previous dolls.

6.  We will count the number of blog comments, assigning numbers in the order received, and Cindy, who will not be entering in the drawing, will be randomly selecting the winning number using random number generator on May 1, 2014.

7.  We will post the name selected some time May 1, 2014.

8.  We will ship the doll to you if your name is drawn and all of the above stipulations have been met.

Cindy, Jean and I would like to thank you all one more time!
Thank you to all the team members who have outdone ourselves!
Thank you to all of you who followed our project and supported us for such a long time ! Thank you for playing to give these unique dolls a loving home!

Now, thank you from the bottom of my heart to Cindy and Jean, who are the most wonderful co-authors, administrators, partners in crime, artists and special dolly friends I could hope to be by my side in this project.

On a personal note, I am still on a Flickr and Blythe community break as my personal life changed big way. It takes me quite a lot of time to settle down in my new life and this blog will be silent for a while after I announce the winner. I might post a few pictures from time to time but unfortunately I will not be able to do more than post and run. That being said, I really hope to be fully back sometime in 2015 and enjoy our wonderful community again. I miss you all so much.

Now good luck to everyone!


Blue Gyspsy Sisters giveaway 2.jpg
Photo: Cindy Ellen Russell, Big Eyed Love

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39 thoughts on “The blue gypsy sisters giveaway

  1. Good luck to all. It was an honor to work with the people who contributed their talents to this amazing project. It changed my life! xox jean

  2. Beautiful creations! Best of luck to all, and such a great cause! Thank you!

  3. Thanks a lot for this wonderful project

    Last chance (touch my head)

  4. I’m very proud of all the talented kind people who were part of this wonderful and worthy project! Blue is my favourite colour, so I had to take a chance on these two beauties! 😀 xxx Good Luck to everyone!

  5. It was such an honor to be a part of this team. I really enjoyed the process and loved seeing these two girls come to life through the hands of such talented people. I would be ecstatic to have these sisters join my dolly family because they represent the deep friendship that I have developed with Amy (Zaloa) through Blythe, like soul sisters 🙂 But I will be happy wherever they end up because I know they will be appreciated by whoever wins them! Thanks again for including me in this wonderful project!

  6. This has been such a fun project to follow! I love these two blue haired beauties!

  7. They are SUCH special girls!! Love all of the work done on them…and the people involved! AGAIN…WOW..thank you times a million, Fanny, Cindy, and Jean for this amazing opportunity…working on the book and the chance to win the girls. Love you all!!

  8. As a child my toys consisted mainly of dolls and I didn’t care much for them. But the moment I saw the first Blythe doll photograph, I fell in love with the doll, the culture and the story behind its comeback. To make this love affair even more special, I found out the original dolls were sold on the year I was born. Too bad I grew up in communist Cuba where American toys where off limits 🙁

    The work done of these two sisters is amazing: from the customization to the outfits to the photography. WOW! This is what Blythe is all about and you have outdone yourselves! Congratulations!

  9. Such a great project! Songratulations to all who participated, Such beautiful people creating such very beautiful girls! All the best! Judy/googoojue !

  10. Really lovely set. Hope I have the chance to take care of these two girls. Good luck to me ^.^

  11. I would love the opportunity to meet a Blythe enthusiast with the kind of skills that go into customizing these wonderful dolls. Amazing work Pink Team! I aspire to customize Blythe dolls as well as you all one day. Meanwhile, winning these two cuties would be awesome!

  12. It was great honor for me to be part of this project and member of the Pink Team.
    I want to thank everyone involved for their friendship and kindness!
    It is like yesterday when these two beauties were on my shelf, and it was not easy to pack them up and let go, and now they are the last to be given away. It makes me bit sad that it is all over. Lets’ do it again! 🙂

  13. These girls are beautiful! Someone is going to be very lucky to have them as part of their dolly family. Thank you for doing these contests. It has been great to try and win such beautiful dolls 🙂

  14. Two perfect sweeties! So gorgeous and amazing group work once again. xxx

  15. It would be a dream to have these girls back in my home. They were fun to photograph. Good luck to all.

  16. Wondrous and beautiful girls! My daughter is over the moon for the small one, Fingers crossed!! 😀

  17. What a wonderful way to bring the Blythe community together. Very inspiring!

  18. Congratulations to all the artists on a really fabulous project. Good luck to everyone entering the contest. I think the Blue Gypsy Girls are extraordinary!
    Thank you!

  19. Two lovelies! Good luck to all! So much hard work went into all the beautiful team dolls.

  20. I really want the 11 inch , I have no blythe yet and I would be so happy to have it . I think her name is sapphire storm

  21. I’m new to the Blythe world, but I’m definitely all in! It would be quite an honor to win these beautiful sisters!

  22. Beauuuuuutiful girls!! Fantastic team effort!
    Can’t believe it’s all finally nearly over! So sad, but so much fun!!
    Good luck to everyone in this final giveaway!

  23. Fantastic! This is fun. Thank you for entering me in the drawing. I have a 3-year-old daughter and her and I can’t wait to get our first Blythe. I haven’t been able to save for it yet, so maybe I’ll win one. Thanks again. The girls are beautiful.

  24. Two beautiful girls to die for! Blue is my favorite color too and these sweeties look so wonderful together. Thank you to the pink team for creating them!

  25. Hello my dears! Sure, I’d love to have these two beautiful little sisters. But mostly I wanted to thank you from my heart for your creativity, your perseverance, your kindness… for allowing us to participate in this great adventure, and together create such beautiful dolls.
    Fanny, Cindy and Jean, you’re the best!

  26. What an interesting project! I came across this because I was wondering if there was any chance a shop in Chicago might have some sort of Blythe display. Would love to see one in person. I know you all are not in Chicago, but what an inspired project!

  27. I love these two girls, so beautiful and creative! Jean, Cindy and Fanny — thank you for the gift of being a part of this wonderful project! It was a dream come true! And to all of the lovely green team members, and all of the amazing teams — thank you for the love and creativity you put into this project! It continues to be an inspiration.

  28. Such amazing work from all involved, congrats to the artists and lucky winner! Good luck

  29. What a total dream it would be to have these two beautiful creatures!!

  30. It has been so wonderful to be able to help in a small way, Children in need in the USA, thanks to the generosity of all you very talented generous girls who created all these lovelies. Don’t we just wish all children of the world would have the opportunity to come to know the joys of playing with these beautiful dolls. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to have the beautiful “Genesis” here with me in Australia, she gives me much joy. Cheers Pammy

  31. And the winner is Roz, aka Rockymountainroz!!! Congratulation Roz! I am so happy for you and for the blue girls as I know they will be so happy living with you!

  32. I am SPEECHLESS at the moment! I am beyond thrilled to be able to have these adorable girls come and live here!! Thank you soooo very much, dearest Fanny, Cindy, and Jean! It has been such an honor to be a part of this project, and winning these girls is a dream come true!! The Pink Team did such a fantastic job on this work! Thank you ALL for every thing that you did to make such a romantic concept! It is still early here, and I am babbling a bit, so forgive me if I am not too coherent at the moment. I am just so happy to have such amazing friends in this community. Blythe has brought so many of us together, and I cherish the true friends that I have made!!!

  33. Congratulations Roz! I’m sure you, like any of us, were dying to win these two beauties.

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