Notes from Blythecon 2012

I know I am beyond late posting about THE Blythe event of the year in North America more than 4 months after it was over, but sometimes life is in the way and the dolly world has to wait… Anyway, I absolutely wanted to post about Blythecon 2012 in Dallas before the year ends. There we go!

Memories from Blythecon in Texas signedPhoto: Mademoiselleblythe. Scarlett is wearing a Blythecon sweater by Ericah Duh. I was so lucky to have it in my goodie bag. I love it! Thank you Erica!

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The first Blythecon Europe was a big hit!

Blythecon Europe or BCEU has been held on June 30th for the first time and the European city chosen for that event was Berlin. While looking at everyone’s pictures to prepare that post, I could really feel the joy and friendship in each and every photo. The wonderful and cheerful atmosphere is so tangible and I am amazed at how Erica and Sandra handled everything with so much grace and professionalism, with the only goal in mind to make everyone feel happy and have the best time ever!

Photo: Bonita.

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