Great Collector Interview #15: Blythe stole my heart

Things are clear from the outset! Blythe stole Maggie’s heart, as she did for so many of us too, but Maggie is a special collector. She collects Blythe dolls as she would collect works of art and I can totally relate to this! She owns many incredible customs, which are not for everyone. Just like art collectors and gallery owners are, it takes a strong personality to make some extreme choices that are never made by the majority. Maggie is not afraid. She knows what she likes, why she likes it! She has made fabulous choices so far and her dolly collection is to die for!

Photo: marrrlow. Maggie and Louise, Rosie Red.

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Great Collector Interview #14: Yennie

Yenny is a total Blythe lover! She loves stock Blythes, customs and Kenners and she knows instinctively how to get the best picture for each and every of them. The doll created by the Red team of the For the Love of Blythe book project is so fortunate to have Yenny as her final photographer. With the combination of her skills in graphic design and photography, she rocks the Blythe world each time she comes up with a new effortlessly beautiful shot. Her dolls are very lucky girls too, looking always as the best dressed dolls ever and dolly life looks so sweet in Indonesia… would love to go!

Photo: Yenny.

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