The blue gypsy sisters giveaway

There we are! The last giveaway, the last dolls, the very last moment of our huge project of two and a half years! The Big Eyed Love book project comes now to its end!

Blue Gypsy Sisters giveaway 1.jpgPhoto: Shannon Taylor, Big Eyed Love

Two adorable sweet sisters, Sapphire Storm and Indigo Tambourine, respectively a Neo Blythe and a Middie, have been created by the “uber” talented pink team. Their time has come and they are up to find their mommy or daddy, someone who will be able to appreciate their unique blue hair and wonderful style.

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The schoolgirl’s giveaway

Two giveaways left and all the dolls of the Big Eyed Love book will have found new mommies! Here is the little schoolgirl created by the fabulous violet team from Asia and waiting for a new home this month.


This lovely and sweet schoolgirl is definitely one of a kind with her yarn reroot with different strand colors, her little house, her unique glasses and the most adorable outfit ever made by the Violet team!

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