Blythe Interior Designer Interview #3: Ellewoods2007

Lindsay is featured  in 2 interviews this months and she well deserves to be under the spotlight. She has so many talents she demonstrates in her Blythe hobby that I don’t even know where to start: she is a photographer, a customizer, a fashion stylist, not to mention a miniature and decor expert of course.  Jennifer Lynn, Blythe blogger and friend, who writes in Blythopia, just featured Lindsay as the Photographer of the month. I had decided a while ago to interview Linz, aka Ellewoods2007, from the angle of her job and passion: Interior design, like Gina and Angela. I feel very pleased and honored to have on my blog today one of the most talented and famous Blythe interior designers, and definitely one of the most glamorous Blythe friend I have ever met!

Photo: Ellewoods2007. Lindsay and me at BlytheCon 2011 in Portland. I  feel so fortunate I could meet Linz in person!

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Blythe Interior Designer Interview #2: Gemini angel’s art and dolls

Angela always put a smile on my face when I look at her dolly pictures. She has not only a fantastic talent to create detailed decors for her dolls, but she also tells us lovely stories. She works hard in an enviable creative studio and put all the tiny details together to give life to her ideas. Her dolls experience amazing adventures and live the best life!

Photo: Gemini angel’s art and dolls. Angela is an artist and a blogger too.

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