Kenner Collector Interview #10: Pomponette

Diana is definitely a Kenner lover and great collector. Her girls are spoiled and pampered. They even travel with their mommy around the world. After a previous life with many adventures that left their marks on each of them, they live a happy life at Pomponette’s house. The cherry on the cake: they can wear the cutest hats ever. Lucky girls!

Photo: Pomponette. Diana and Anneliese.

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Kenner Collector Interview #9: Love is Purple

Gina‘s stream was very fascinating to me because there were new Kenners coming so often and I was wondering how many she had. When I discovered on her Flickr profile the number of Kenners she has collected in 2 years only, I nearly fell off my chair! With more than 60 Kenner Blythe dolls she has had in her hands, Gina is definitely the only one of her kind and the Queen of Kenner collectors.

Photo: Love is Purple.

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