Black Blythe is Beautiful!

Suddenly, it popped out of my mind that I had never talked about the beautiful Black Blythes out there. You may think I am not a quick thinker! So, I interviewed recently 3 Blythe friends who love to create Black Blythe custom dolls with each their own lovely style. They will make you want to have one… or even more than one!

For the record, the first Black Blythe I have ever seen is Millicent by Ragazza and I loved her right away.

Photo: Ragazza. Millicent, Black Blythe custom.

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The last trend in Blythe reroots according to Mr. Ripper: human hair!

The first time I saw human hair on a Blythe was on Shannon Taylor’s stream: “a human hair reroot is a great idea! I really really really love the look & feel of them. It just feels so natural. As for Lux, I did hers and it was hard! It was my very first and possibly my last time trying it. I got most of the hair from my sister-in-law (a few pieces of mine is in there too)“.

Photo: Shannon Taylor. Lux Sophia.

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