And the winner is…

…PAMMY ! Congratulations to you, Pammy, for winning Genesis and we hope that you will enjoy having her around you!

Pammy lives in Australia and Genesis will be traveling to this beautiful country soon to continue her mission for the world.


Now back to our schedule and let’s start the new giveaway for this month. Two more chances to win a doll from the Big Eyed Love book! Please check out the new post and play!



And the winner is….


Congratulations to Sherri for welcoming the Romantic Princess of the Forest and thanks to everyone for donating and playing. Shershe lives in the United States, so this beautiful and romantic European princess is going to live on another continent and enjoy new landscapes, a new culture and a new life style.


Another wonderful dolly, Genesis, will be given away at the end of February, so you have another chance to win a custom Blythe from our project. Thank you for playing again!