Fashion Designer Interview #19: Snuffy

I have never met Jodie, aka Snuffy, in person but I feel we have so much in common. The day we met, and I really hope some day in this life, I am pretty sure it will feel like we have always known each other. I love the way she photographs her dolls, I love the way she dresses them up, I love the way she loves Blythe and I love the way she uses humor to brighten her life and others’!
Jodie is a member of the red “Aussie” team and we are all so happy to have her in the For the Love of Blythe book project. Jodie is also a fantastic fashion designer for Blythe, with a great eye for fabrics and colors. She makes our dolls look like princesses with a sassy look and this is irresistible!

head shot for fanny`s interview filterPhoto: Snuffy. Jodie and dollies.

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Toronto Sweeties Valentines Meet

The last weekend of February was a very special one for me as I went to Toronto visiting the Blythe gang of Ontario! Lovely Trudi was the great meeting planner and sweet Judy was my host this time again. I was so happy to see Melissa, Lauren and Shelna again, and I was especially enthousiast to meet Karen in person for the first time as she who moves from the UK to Toronto last year.

Dolly friends in Toronto 1 Photo: Googoojue. From left to right: Karen (Hejog), Lauren (Courtauld), Shelna (Girlwednesday), Eva-Simon and Trudi (TruStudio:TruDolly) and me. Amy, Melissa and Olivia were with us too but are missing in this picture.

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