Hair expert interview#1: Shershe

Shershe is renowned for her perfect hair styling and color combinations! Less is more, and her girls look simply stunning with her famous saran reroots and so stylish with just a little knitting dress and a pompom! As a participant of the For the Love of Blythe book project, she made a beautiful thermal saran reroot for Genesis, the green team’s doll. I feel so fortunate that one of my dolls has a one of her saran reroot and I just adore her darling dresses, but I feel even more fortunate that I get to see her once a year at Blythecon. Shershe is the sweetest lady with a generous mind and such a lovely smile!

Sherri by Maggie GossPhoto: Marrrlow (Maggie Goss). Sherri and Guthrie, Maggie’s doll, a Shershe thermal saran reroot, at Blythecon Portland in June 2011.

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Customizer Interview #16: Hanon

Satomi is the customizer of the violet team and she makes me want to live in Japan and get one of her Blythe customs or fashion designs, that she sells through her brand name, Hanon, as they are available over there only. She does wonders with vintage lace and pearls, and the style of her designs is absolutely lovely and so elegant. She can make any kind of custom Blythe, such as Petites, Middies and Neos, and she not only designs complete outfits, including shoes and all kinds of accessories, but she is now starting to design her own fabrics! Satomi is definitely a complete and extremely talented doll artist. Don’t miss her interview!


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