Petite Mania!

I recently discovered one of the biggest collections of Petite Blythe dolls and wanted to know more about Blythe’s little sister. This beautiful collection belongs to Emilia‘s friend, Li-Wen, aka y.rice on Flickr. Li-Wen is a very talented photographer. I am amazed at how her dolls always look so natural and lively in her pictures, which you can enjoy either on her blog or Flickr stream.


In 2002, one year after the first Blythe, Parco, a 4 1/2 inch version of the Neo-Blythe was invented, titled “Petite Blythe” and affectionately called “Pucci”. Petite Blythes are also manufactured by Takara for Cross World Connections (CWC) under license from Hasbro. Rather than having a pull-string in the back of the dollโ€™s head like Blythe, Petites have eyes that close when they are set on their back, which means that they only have one set of eye colors.

Photo: y.rice. Rainbow Wish.

Petite Mania is the title of 2 books released in 2005 and 2006 with the most adorable pictures of Petite Blythes. They are the official Petite Blythe catalogs. Petite Mania One covers all 61 Petite Blythes from the Key chain version Petite Blythe which was released for the first time for the Anniversary event in June 2002, to the “Orange Munchkin” released in September 2004, plus the “Forest Clover” released in April 2005 as a special feature. It also includes articles on how “Forest Clover,” the collaboration model with Bean’s magazine was created, with design images by Junie Moon.ย Petite Mania Two features the 52 Petites released from “Cutie March” released in October 2003 to “April Waltz”, the Toys R Us limited version released in April 2006. You can find the complete list and dates of all Petite releases on

Hi, Li-Wen! Could you please tell us a few words about yourself?

My real name is Li-Wen Wang. Everybody calls me ‘Birdie” on the network. I’m from Pingtung, a city located in the southeast of Taiwan. I work in the aquaculture industry in my hometown and my hobby is photography: recording life and sharing through photos.

How many Blythe dolls do you have?

105 Petites and 16 Neos. The complete list is here.

Photo: y.rice. The whole gang on March 14, 2011!

How and when did you discover Blythe?

I saw some Blythe photos on the web in 2002. At that time, I only felt they were cute, but never considered to buy one. I found Blythe again in 2004 with Ginaโ€™s photo album on the official website. I was deeply fascinated by her and I went crazy immediately. I started to collect information right away and my good friend and I bought our first Blythe. I bought the first Petite Blythe less than thirty days after.

Photo: y.rice. Friendly Giraffe.

Why did you decide to start your own collection of Blythe and Petite Blythe and what is your project with them both?

My shopping guide and collection target at the beginning was to have different hair styles and hair colors. Later, they turned into “cute and with a reasonable price”. I found myself collecting more and more Petite Blythes. I prefer to collect Petite Blythes because they are small enough to store and I can afford them. I also find it a lot of fun to compare them: those with the same hair color for instance. I feel like a sense of accomplishment! I know it sounds silly… haha ๐Ÿ˜‰
That encourages me to collect more and more, but it is still too hard to get the entire collection.

Photos: y.rice. Comparison shots.

In fact, there is few information or forum about Petite Blythes in Asia. I should add that most people buy Petite Blythes as ornamental products, and very few people are interested in customization or comparison shots.

Do you have all the Petite Blythe releases? If not, which ones are missing?

I have now 105 Petites. Some are twins. There are still 82 ones waiting for me to take them home!

Photo: y.rice. Long Farewell.

Where do you find clothes to dress your Petite Blythes?

I never buy outfits for Petite Blythe. However I make them some outfits myself, but not for selling purposes. I learned the skills with the dolly clothing pattern book, and I mix and match with their original clothes.

Photos: y.rice. Rainbow Wish and Strawberry Mille-Feuille.

Thank you SO very much, Li-Wen, for sharing with us your passion for Petites and your charming pictures. You even made me want to get one Petite Blythe for myself! I have a Dottie Dot Petite on her way to me while I am writing this ๐Ÿ˜‰

Photo: y.rice. Care Free Tee.

Update April 20, 2011: I have my second Petite on the way even though the first one hasn’t even arrived yet! The lovely Edelfa, customized by Simona, aka KeiBi.

Photo: KeiBi. Edelfa.

Info and links:

As far as I know, eBay is still the best resource to buy a Petite. They are a few Flickr groups for posting pictures and even one for adopting.

Flickr groups:

Adopt a Petite Blythe Doll

Petite Blythe Party

Photo: Jillybug. Surrounded.

Blythe Doll – Petites

Blythe Doll Petites – Petiteopedia

Petite Blythe Celebration!

Photo: Deerdoefawn. Mermaid’s Treasure.

Petite Blythe dresses and clothes

Customizers for Petites:

Alma, aka Mixi Michi makes the most adorable Petite Blythe customs!

Photos: MixiMichi. Petite Blythe customs with mohair.

Photo: MixiMichi. Little Preciousness.

Fashion designers for Petites :

They are far less numerous than those for Blythes and please add you name and link to your store in the comments in case you are not listed here. These below are the online shops I found or knew about.

: Beautiful knits for Petites.

MixiMichi: Lovely dresses for Petites.

Addictedtoplastic: The one and only goggle brand for Petites.

Other stores:

Crazy Handmande by nubanded

Las Sandalias de Ana
Miss Behave by Camilel
mmHandmade by mmbrand
Purple Pink

The Enchanted Pumpkin


How to make a dress for your Petite Blythe.

Photo: Voodoolady. Night Flower.

Photo: Obsessivelystiching. Petite Blythe love!


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  1. I have been a fan of Li-Wen’s photos for a long time now…SO great to read more about her! I LOVE her photos!

    Thanks for such an interesting article, Fanny!

  2. Awesome interview!!! Li-Wen, you have an awesome petite collection. Loved all the comparison shots and now I want to add more petites to my wishlist! It was nice to read about you!

    Thanks Fanny for a great interview and for including my petite night flower in this article too!

  3. Thank you so much for including me. ^___^

    Fabulous petite Blythe article and interview. Love it! Fanny, petites are contagious. LOL I think you have caught the petite Blythe bug! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. This is so cute I was exclaiming out loud as I read it. The photos are adorable and Li-Wen is such a sweet and enthusiastic collector! I love her comparison shots, especially–great fun! I wish her long happy hours of more lovely photographing and collecting!
    Thank you for the super interview, Fanny!

    jean xox jny_jeanpretty on flickr

  5. Great story and I have to say I love petites even more than my Neo size gals at the moment thanks to the Littlest Pet Shop petites ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. These are quite adorable. Li-Wen certainly captures and shares the cute beauty of this miniature little misses: something that until now I had really rather overlooked. Thank you for sharing this lovely insight and resource for all things Petite B’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. For the love! I didn’t realize there were so many petite Blythes! So charming!

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