For the Love of Blythe: a collaborative book project

Many of you already know the project and the new blog, Facebook page, and Etsy shop created to support it, but I still haven’t made any announcement here and it’s about time!

Photos: Moon Rouge.


As previously mentioned at the end of 2011, this year will be mainly dedicated to an important book project, for which Cindy Sowers, Jean Yates and I are giving all our energy and love for Blythe and Blythe artists to make it successful!

Our book will show the world that the Blythe community is full of artists in many area of art and many different locations around the globe.  To reach that goal, 7 teams of 7 people, such as customizers, hair stylists, fashion and accessory designers, not to mention photographers, will create 7 unique dolls through a collaborative work. Each member will add their talent and expertise and the whole “doll making” process will be explained and detailed through pictures in the book.

In order to have all the necessary material to start writing the book and presenting each participant involved in those 7 custom dolls, I will interview here, on Mademoiselle Blythe, all the artists who haven’t been featured yet and this means around the half of the team members.

Let’s start next week with Suzy Ray, aka ♥Suzy♥, who is a proud member of the yellow team representing Northern Europe and who lives in the UK. Suzy is well known in our community for designing beautiful accessories for our beloved Blythe such as hair clips and hats.

Photo: Mademoiselle Blythe. Hair clip by ♥Suzy♥.

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