And the last winner is…

… ROZ!!! My dear friend Roz, I am so happy for you! Congratulations!
We all know that the blue gypsy sisters will be so happy living with you and your dolls, and we also know that we will soon be delighted to see dreamy pictures of them taken by you in your beautiful Rockymoutains!

Blue Gyspsy Sisters giveaway 2.jpg

Our For the Love of Blythe book project is now definitely completed! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who participated and supported us for the last 2 years and a half!

With love from Cindy, Jean and Fanny

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6 thoughts on “And the last winner is…

  1. Dear Roz! So happy for you ! Give them lots of hugs for me! 🙂 jean xoxoxox

  2. Big Congrats to dear Roz! I know both girls will be treated like princesses in her hands!

  3. Congrat Roz. I am pretty sure we will have lot of gipsy flares 😉

  4. Many thanks to you 3 generous girls who had the vision & the foresight to rally around all those amazingly talented & equally generous artists from around the world, who created these girls of loveliness, again thanks, which is so inadequate, Fanny, Cindy & Jean x

  5. Hola… me encantan cada una de las muñecas, son todas muy bonitas. Quisiera saber como se hace para poder tener una bien parecida a mi y a mi forma de vestir.
    Yo soy de Argentina Bs, As.
    Me gustaria saber si me pueden pasar lo info y el valor si es que las venden.

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